Triune Total Body Defense

Hear how Diana took her life back after being raped and suffering PTSD.


Mercy Montessori Center

"Not only did she empower the students with knowledge, but she had a very natural, appropriate way of talking to them." - Lisa Klus, Vice Principal, Mercy Montessori Center

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Lawrenceburg Police Department

"I would recommend and be willing to host this type of self-defense training again for our community. This organization was great to work with and very professional." - Chief Donald Combs Jr. - Lawrenceburg Police Department

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PDR Fundamentals™ Student Comments:

This is what some of our students have had to say about what they learned:

"I have 12 years of martial arts experience but this class put a real world spin on self-defense that I was missing." - Rachel


"The class teaches you to not freeze up from fear to react to the situation.  Helped me make myself be more aware of my environment & to be prepared for the unexpected." - Susan


"It gave me knowledge that I can protect myself - no matter the size of the bad guy.  It empowered me to be "indignant", to not allow someone to take anything dear to me." - Rose


"I am extremely more aware of my surroundings in any situation I happen to be in.  I have forms & drills I can practice, information & precursors to prevent a fight and ways to defend myself/explain myself in court [if it goes to court]." - Kylie


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