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Where are your thoughts leading you?

I got this email newsletter from Brian Willis from Winning Mind Training, and it lines up with what we teach in  the PDR sessions and the cycle of behavior™. It's worth a read and further discussion.

"Here is a short but powerful blog message from Seth Godin:

"Anxiety is nothing...

but repeatedly re-experiencing failure in advance. What a waste."

Two lines. That was the entire blog post but what a great message. 
I often talk about anxiety during my presentations on The Mind as
your subconscious mind imaging the worst possible outcome for an

They are your thoughts; your images.

Control your thoughts.

Imagine a better outcome. Imagine success.

Take care and always remember What's Important Now?"

- Brian Willis

Too often we are defeated before we ever begin to fight, because we expect a negative outcome. Our first opponent is ourselves. Dan Millman says, "If you face just one opponent and doubt yourself, you are already outnumbered."

Anxiety results from fear (FEAR - false evidence appearing real or false expectations appearing real) and can cripple us. Too often we give an opponent skills which they have yet to demonstrate and/or fail to possess.

Coach Blauer teaches The Cycle of Behavior™. Everything begins with the scenario/situation we are facing. In situations, our motivation to fight/act comes from our expectations (if we expect to win, we have high motivation and visa versa). Our expectations come from what we visualize happening in our mind. What we visualize is affected by neuro-associations and beliefs we hold. We then come to the moment when we are either challenged by the situation or threatened. If we feel threatened, we will get stuck in the fear loop. If instead we get challenged, we escape the loop and can take action as we determine a goal and form a plan. All of this happens in milliseconds, but we can still control it.

As Brian Willis says above, control your thoughts and take decisive action! Break the cycle of fear. This applies to all areas/situations in life, not just fights. Come train with us and take control of your life!

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