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"Talk to your kids about the 'what-ifs"

Just last night, 3.23.15, there was an attempted abduction of a 9 year old from a sports complex in Northern, KY around 5 pm.  See story here.

This is a "good" neighborhood, at a busy sports complex when a lot of parents were picking up their kids, and someone walked right in and tried to drag a young girl from inside the building.  Thankfully the girl struggled away from the woman and is fine.  The club owner is urging the parents to talk to their kids about the "what-ifs" that could happen and what they should do. 

What would have happened if that were a man trying to abduct that girl and he was too strong for her to pull away? 

Does your child know what to do in a situation like that?  

Is this something your family has talked about? 

The time to train and prepare is now...be ready for the what-ifs...

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