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Thoughts Become Actions...what are you thinking?

A part of self-defense training and being prepared for anything, is visualizing scenarios and what you would do to protect yourself in each of them.  I have worked through scenarios in my head that involve a home invasion when I’m awake and when I’m in bed.  I’ve imagined fighting from my living r…

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Unconscious Bias

Unconscious biases are generally associated with social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness that effect workplace productivity. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs. We are used to hearing about them everywhere but not self defense. …

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Fear Throttles Everything

            "If I really wanted to, I could have...." How often have we heard or even said that?  The sad truth is, more often than not, we did want to, but we didn't do anything because we were too afraid. About 20 years ago the phrase "No Fear" was popular. No Fear is a fallacy because everyone …

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Personal Defense – How NOT to fight

 Threat – Menace; Indication or warning of probable trouble; Give an ominous indication of; impeding       evil or mischief.

Challenge – A call or summon to engage; A call to battle; A call to fight; To summon to a contest of skill;    To take exception to; Call in question; To halt and de…

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I'm a Lover Not a Fighter

During my career as a personal trainer and now a self-defense coach there are two phrases I hear a lot.  The first one is, “Yeah, I need to do that.”  The second is, “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

Do you know what both of those phrases mean to me?  They both mean that fear is what is kee…

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Never too young to learn

Have you ever experienced losing your child even for only a few moments?  Those few moments are the worst moments in your life.  In just a few seconds your mind starts racing and throwing out all the most horrifying thoughts possible.  Your heart is beating so hard you can feel it in your throat. …

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What I once loved now caused me anxiety!

What I once loved now caused me anxiety.

Since my lung surgery in 2009 (left upper lobectomy) hills have been my nemesis while cycling.  Since the surgery I haven’t been able to climb to the top of a large, steep hill without stopping.  To make matters worse, I’ve actually fallen over on several at…

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Where are your thoughts leading you?

I got this email newsletter from Brian Willis from Winning Mind Training, and it lines up with what we teach in  the PDR sessions and the cycle of behavior™. It's worth a read and further discussion.

"Here is a short but powerful blog message from Seth Godin:

"Anxiety is nothing...

but repeate…

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"Talk to your kids about the 'what-ifs"

Just last night, 3.23.15, there was an attempted abduction of a 9 year old from a sports complex in Northern, KY around 5 pm.  See story here.

This is a "good" neighborhood, at a busy sports complex when a lot of parents were picking up their kids, and someone walked right in and tried to drag a y…

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