Triune Total Body Defense

We currently offer the following programs:

4-Hour Be Your Own Bodyguard (BYOB) Introductory Class

Our four hour classes are a great introduction to the BYOB™ class with discussion time on fear management and personal awareness, as well as legal issues with self defense.  You will get hands on time with drills and scenarios and a functional understanding of how your body/human weapon system works!

You'll learn: 

  • how to re-connect with your intuition and instincts
  • how to recognize a fear spike and how to listen to it its signals and most importantly, how to manage fear
  • simple, functional movements, based on how real people move

This one day course will give you the essential knowledge to improve your situational awareness, verbal skills and equip you with simple & practical self defense.

Created by Coach Tony Blauer, a pioneer of modern self-defense, the SPEAR program is based on human physiology and natural biomechanics. It used the startle-flinch response, which is part of the human survival reflex, as the catalyst for all protective movement. 

For a more in depth explanation of the BYOB™ workshop, please click here

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Course Fee: $99  

8-Hour Be Your Own Bodyguard (BYOB) Class



This class is an intensive 8 hour session that is designed to make you safer.  You will learn how to  Detect danger to avoid it, Defuse hostile - potentially violent situations, and Defend™ when necessary.  You will learn fear management skills that will carry over to your every day life.  And, among many other skills, you will learn that you were born with a natural protective response to violence, fear, and aggression and will become more aware of it and more capable to using it.




  • Situational awareness reframe
  • How to develop better awareness 
  • The importance of fear in your life
  • How to recognize real danger from imagined
  • Fear mgmt in a crisis - what that's more important than and technique 
  • Human Weapon system principles
  • How to hack self-defense
  • You already know how to defend yourself you just don't know you know
  • The first SPEAR System
  • The #choosesafety blueprint 
  • The science of personal protection & how using physiology, physics, and psychology can save your life.
  • SPEAR System fundamentals

For a more in depth explanation of the BYOB™ workshop, please click here

Go to our events page to find about our upcoming courses and register.

Course Fee: $150

Personal Defense Readiness Classes

We offer both 4 and 8 hours Personal Defense Readiness classes. These classes teach the principles of the SPEAR System™ and teach detecting danger, de-fusing volatile situations and defending yourself through the SPEAR System™. The 8 hour class goes deeper into the Cycle of Behavior™ and fear management. You can defend yourself. These classes will begin to awake the inborn survival system that is already in you so that you can be safer and protect yourself and others. 

8 hour class is $75/person. 

4 hour class is $40/person

On-Going Weekly Classes

Our weekly PDR drills & Scenarios classes will feature principles of the SPEAR System™, drills and scenarios. You need to have taken the Be Your Own Bodyguard™ seminar or Personal Defense Readiness workshop to get you familiar with the basics of the system. We will cover striking, kicking, close quarter tools, fear management, situational awareness, choice speech, SPEAR™ sharpening drills to improve your technique and scenario training. These classes will enhance the skills and techniques that you have learned in the workshop and take you deeper into the SPEAR System™.

We will be developing more advanced classes as our students develop. These classes will include weapons defense. We are also working on developing an Active Shooter/Active Killer class. These classes can also involve students wearing high gear to allow them to train at a more intense and realistic level. Check the calendar for days, times and locations.

Cost - Beginning at $10/session

Community Outreach

Want to find out more about the Personal Defense Readiness™ classes we offer and the SPEAR System™ teach? Do you have 90 minutes to spare to find out how you can make yourself safer? We will cover an introduction to the basic principles of the SPEAR System™ and begin to awaken your natural survival system. You will get a glimpse into the system. Contact us about attending an introductory class for free. 

Do you have a program that empowers young girls or survivors of violence or abuse? We can put together a short, free workshop that will help them be safer and feel more empowered. We have spoken at "Take Back The Night" for survivors of sexual assault and have held short classes for Girls Empowerment groups. If you have a group you work with that you would like to empower, contact us.

Basic Firearms/Self-Defense - Level 1

This is an 8 hour class that combines basic firearms and hands on self-defense training in one class. If you have made the investment in a handgun to protect yourself, your next step is to get the proper training so you can be prepared and equipped to use your gun effectively in a life or death situation. In this class you will learn basic knowledge, skills and the attitude necessary for owning and safely operating a handgun. The firearms class is taught by NRA certified pistol instructor and owner of Counter Violence LLC, Clay Folkner.

Owning a handgun does not mean that you will always be able to access it immediately in a life or death situation. In this class you will also learn basic self-defense skills that will help you detect danger, manage your fear and buy you time to get to your firearm. It will equip you to weather the ambush and get into the fight.

Cost of the class is $125/person.


School Programs

These 7th & 8th graders at Mercy Montessori learned how to protect themselves.  They received a 3-hour program (one hour each week for 3 weeks) as part of their health & wellness program.  On the last day I asked them what they learned, their responses included: "Keep your head on a swivel."  "Always be aware."  "How to SPEAR."  "Outside 90"  "I know I can fight back."  "It's good to know that now we know how to defend ourselves."  One of the parents watching the program said, "Us moms need to take this class as well."  

Mercy Montessori Center's Letter of Recognition (click here)

This is a class that everyone can and needs to learn.  As parents it is our responsibility to protect our kids and one of the ways we do that is to make sure they know how to protect themselves because they won't always be with us.  We also protect our kids by knowing how to defend ourselves if we are attacked.  

If you would like to bring this program to your school, please contact me by email at or call me at 812.584.1470

Team Building Events

Are you looking for an event that will strengthen the relationships of your employees and make them safer at the same time? We will create an event for you and your employees that will be fun and full of great information as well. Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a Team Building Event for your business.

Schedule Custom Classes

Custom courses can be arranged for special circumstances or the time constraints of an organization. Classes can be tailored to special groups who have specific needs like real estate agents, nurses, teachers, church groups, church security, children, etc. We can hold fear management classes for those struggling with issues or mental blocks or performance enhancement classes for athletes who want to perform at a higher level by teaching the Cycle of Behavior™ at a deeper level. For more information please email Kim at


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